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Established in 1977, Chlorofil Trade Marktoday is a leading name in the field of Fine/Specialty high purity chemicals having five modern manufacturing facilities in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat in India. Our long experience has made us one of the leading manufacturers of fine chemicals and bulk drugs with a large share in the indigenous market. We regularly export to North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Our products enjoy varied application such as pharmaceuticals, food, animal healthcare, Photography, Reagent, Electronics and more.

Chlorofil Trade Mark to become a forerunner in the speciality chemical market by keeping pace with the growing requirements of the world.

Attain Total Customer Satisfaction level through continual improvement of product quality, competitive price and timely delivery, by a professional management approach and strive for growth in global market.

Environment Care:
We comply with all local and regional environment laws. Audited by authorities frequently, we make and continually improve our efforts to be clean in terms of protecting our environment.

All our plants follow the guidelines and rules pertaining to hazardous waste management, air
and water pollution norms, and other statutory requirements.

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Palletized Packing; Exports to USA and Latin America, Chile, Brazil, Africa, United Arab Emirates UAE, Dubai, Tanzania, Turkey, Kenya, Argentina, Egypt, etc.


Old Spice: Manufacturing since more than Three Decades:
Ammonium Chloride -------- Calcium Chloride -------- Magnesium Chloride
Potassium Chloride ------- Sodium Acetate ---------- Sodium Diacetate
Sodium Thiosulphate ------ Zinc Chloride ----------- Magnesium Sulphate

Best Selling IP BP USP FCC ACS Grades of Chemicals by Anmol Chemicals
Ammonium Chloride -------- Benzyl Alcohol ---------- Boric Acid
Borax; Sodium Borate ----- Calcium Chloride -------- Calcium Hydroxide
Calcium Saccharate ------- Citric Acid ------------- Calcium Phosphate
Calcium Oxide ------------ Calcium Sulfate --------- Chromic Chloride
Gentian Violet ----------- Magnesium Chloride ------ Magnesium Sulfate
Maleic Acid -------------- Manganese Chloride ------ Manganese Sulfate
Methylene Blue ----------- Potassium Chloride ------ Potassium Phosphate
Sodium Phosphate --------- Sodium Propionate ------- Sodium Acetate
Sodium Bicarbonate ------- Sodium Hydroxide -------- Sodium Thiosulfate
Zinc Chloride

Other Best Seller Products
Ammonium Bromide --------- Ammonium Sulfate -------- Ammonium Phosphate
Ammonium Persulfate ------ Aluminum Chloride ------- Barium Chloride
Calcium Nitrate Nitrite -- Calcium Propionate ------ Copper Sulfate
Ceric Ammonium Nitrate --- Cupric Chloride --------- Potassium Bromide
Potassium Iodide --------- Potassium Nitrate Nitrite Sodium Nitrite & Nitrate
Sodium Bromide ----------- Isatoic Anhydride ------- Sodium Formaldehyde Bisulfite

Chlorofil Trade Markis the trading associate of Anmol Chemicals and associated group of companies.  Our products are manufactured to meet various customer specifications such as IP, BP, USP, FCC, ACS, JP, EP, Photo and Reagent standards and enjoy varied application such as pharmaceuticals, food, animal healthcare, photography, reagent, electronics and more. Our partner units are (FDA) cGMP Approved, ISO-9001 Certified, "REACH" Pre-registered, ISO-22000, Kosher Certified, Halal Certified, HACCP.

Sodium Thiosulfate, Zinc Chloride Manufacturers ..

Sodium Thiosulfate; Sodium Thiosuphate

Sod. Thiosulfate Pea Crystals
Sodium Thiosulfate Manufacturers BP IP USP  ACS AR FCC Food Grade Manufacturers

(Na2S2O3) or Sodium thiosulfate, or thio sulphate is a colorless crystalline compound that is more familiar as the pentahydrate, Na2S2O3•5H2O.  It is an efflorescent, monoclinic crystalline substance also called sodium hyposulfite or “hypo.”

Medical Use
It is used as an antidote to cyanide poisoning. Thiosulphate acts as a sulfur donor for the conversion for cyanide to thiocyanate (which can then be safely excreted in the urine), catalyzed by the enzyme rhodanase.
It has also been used as treatment of calciphylaxis in hem dialysis patients with end-stage renal disease.

Other uses
Sodium thiosulfate is used as a component in hand warmers and other chemical heating pads that produce heat by exothermic crystallization of a super cooled solution.
Hypo is used in Bleach
In pH testing of bleach substances.
To de-chlorinate tap water for aquariums or treat effluent from waste water treatments prior to release into rivers. The amount of Sodium thiosulphate required can vary with the pH of the water.  A range of approximately 2 to 7 parts sodium thiosulfate to neutralize one part chlorine is generally suggested. To neutralize 1 liter of a 200 ppm chlorine solution, approximately 0.4 - 1.4 grams of sodium thiosulfate would be required. 
It is used to remove iodine stains, e.g. after the explosion of nitrogen triiodide.
It is used in bacteriological water assessment.
It is used in the tanning of leather.
It is used in phase change material.
Sodium thiosulfate is used in paper industry.
It is used in medicine and as disinfectant. It is systemically for cyanide or arsenic poisoning and topically as an anti­fungal.
It is used in electroplating.
As part of patina recipes for copper alloys.
Often used in pharmaceutical preparations as an anionic surfactant to aid in dispersion.

Sodium Thiosulphate Pentahydrate or Sodium Thiosulfate or Sodium Hyposulfite Specifications:

Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate Pea Crystals

Sodium Thiosulphate Commercial
Parameters Specifications
Appearance Fine Crystalline
pH of 10% Aqueous Solution 6.5 to 8
Assay 98% minimum
Sulphites & Sulphates 1% max
Heavy Metals Less than 5 ppm
Iron Less than 10 ppm

Sodium Thiosulfate Pure
Parameters Specifications
Appearance White Uniform Crystals (10 mesh)
pH of 10% Aqueous Solution 6.5 to 8
Assay 99% minimum
Sulphites & Sulphates 0.2% max
Heavy Metals Less than 5 ppm
Iron Less than 10 ppm

Sodium Thio Sulfate Photographic P4 & P8
Parameters Specifications
Appearance Cylindrical Pellets (5 mm to 10 mm for P4) (2 mm to 5 mm for P8)
pH of 10% Aqueous Solution 6.5 to 8
Assay 99.5% minimum
Sulphites & Sulphates 0.2% max
Heavy Metals Less than 3 ppm
Iron Less than 5 ppm

We can give both the grades Pentahydrate and Anhydrous. We can give the technical grade small crystals and large crystals too.

We offer Sodium Thiosulphate BP IP, Sodium Thiosulfate USP, and Sodium Thiosulfate Extra Pure from our world class FDA approved, ISO-9001-2008 Certified facility, Anmol Chemicals

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Zinc Chloride Anhydrous

Zinc Chloride BP USP IP ACS AR Analytical Reagent Manufacturers
Zinc Chloride Technical & IP

Assay= 94-98% Assay= 98-99%
Appearance= Snow-white Appearance= Snow-white
Ammonia as NH4Cl= 2% max Ammonia as NH4Cl= 0.1% max
Alkalies and Alk. Earth= 1.5% max Alkalies and Alk. Earth= 0.1% max
Iron & Lead= 0.005% max Iron & Lead= 0.001% max
Dry Basis Assay= 98% Dry Basis Assay= 99.5% min
PACKING 25-50 Kg. Leak-proof  (or as required) PACKING 25-50 Kg. Leak-proof  (or as required)

Zinc Chloride Pharma grade is used extensively by the Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals manufacturing industry for various complex organic reactions.

We also offer a 40-43% strength water solution, commonly know as Lye or Solution.  This product is preferred by Battery and Adhesive manufacturers.

Typical Specification of Zinc Chloride Solution Lye or Brine
Assay  (as ZnCl2) 40-42% (It is also offered as 70% Zinc Chloride Solution or as desired by the buyer)
Appearance Water White Liquid
Iron & Lead Less than 10 ppm
Specific Gravity 1.40-1.45

We also offer Free-flowing Anti-caking Zinc Chloride.

We offer Zinc Chloride IP Zinc Chloride BP Zinc Chloride USP and Zinc Chloride Ph. Eur. from our world class FDA approved, ISO-9001-2008 Certified facility, Anmol Chemicals

Zinc Chloride Information


Dry Cell  or Batteries: Zinc chloride is commonly used in dry cell batteries as an electrolyte where it also acts as a moisture absorbent and corrosion inhibitor. It is an excellent water soluble Zinc source for uses compatible with chlorides. Chloride compounds can conduct electricity when fused or dissolved in water.
: Today, there are three primary types of acid zinc plating baths: straight ammonium chloride, straight potassium chloride and mixed ammonium chloride/potassium chloride. Acid zinc plating systems have several advantages over alkaline cyanide and alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating systems except that in acid zinc plating, the electrolyte is extremely corrosive.
Ammonium chloride zinc plating
. The ammonium chloride bath is the most forgiving of the three major types of acid zinc plating because of its wide operating parameters.
Potassium chloride zinc plating. Potassium chloride zinc plating solutions are attractive because they contain no ammonia. The disadvantages of this system are a greater tendency to burn on extreme edges and higher operating costs.
Mixed ammonium chloride/potassium chloride zinc plating. This bath combines the best of the ammonia and ammonia-free baths. Because potassium chloride is less expensive than ammonium chloride, the maintenance costs of the mixed bath are lower than the ammonia bath.
Galvanizing, Soldering and Tinning Fluxes:  Zinc chloride is used in fluxes for galvanizing, soldering and tinning. Its ability to remove oxides and salts from metal surfaces insures good metal to metal bonding. It has the ability to attack metal oxides (MO) to give derivatives of the formula MZnOCl2. This reaction is relevant to the utility of Zinc chloride as a flux for soldering - it dissolves oxide coatings exposing the clean metal surface. Typically this flux was prepared by dissolving zinc foil in dilute hydrochloric acid until the liquid ceased to evolve hydrogen; for this reason, such flux was once known as killed spirits or "Marela".
Agriculture: Zinc chloride is very rarely used in agriculture. It may be reacted with chelating agents to form solutions of zinc that are biologically available to plants and animals. It's the Chelate manufacturing that consumes Zinc chloride.
Petroleum: It is an excellent emulsion breaker and is used to separate oil from water. It is also an effective packer fluid in oil and gas wells due to its high specific gravity. However its a little more costly than the other low specific gravity fluids used in the process.
Water Treatment: It is used in specialty corrosion inhibitors in cooling towers, potable water, and in gas and oil wells.
Resins: It is used in Ion - Exchange resins production.
Paints: It is used in for the production of lithopone and as pigment for zinc chromate.
Rubber: It is used as accelerator in the vulcanizing process of rubber.
Glue, wood working: Zinc chloride is used in for the preservation of glue, and for the impregnation of timber.
Printing: It is used in off-set in the chemical products.
Odor Control: It reacts with sulfide to minimize release of H2S gas in waste treatment facilities.
Oil-Gas Wells: High-density solutions of Zinc Chloride and calcium chloride give good performance in well completion and work-over operations; the solutions also used as packer fluids under certain well conditions. ZnCl2 has been used in specialty corrosion inhibitors and invert emulsion breakers.
Vulcanized Fiber & Reclaimed Rubber: Water-leaf paper is gelatinized with zinc chloride solution is less tacky, drier and less moisture-absorbent than caustic reclaimed rubber.
Animal drug: It is used for the production of zinc bacitracin.
Herbicide: Zinc chloride is used as an herbicide. It is used to control lichen and moss growing on the roofs of houses and other domestic dwellings, along walks, driveways, fences, and wherever moss grows.
Chemical: Zinc Chloride is used in the production of ethyl acetate. It is used as condensing agent for the production of organic dye-stuff. It is used as a stabilizing agent for diazonium compounds. It is used for the production of active carbon. Zinc Chloride Anhydrous  is used for Friedel Craft Reaction, Azotropic or Azeotropic Distillation, Desiccation etc.
Miscellaneous: ...and many more.

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Palletized Packing; Exports to USA and Latin America, Chile, Brazil, Africa, United Arab Emirates UAE, Dubai, Tanzania, Turkey, Kenya, Argentina, Egypt, etc. Drum Packing Jumbo bag

Exports to USA and Latin America, Chile, Brazil, Africa, United Arab Emirates UAE, Dubai, Europe, Tanzania, Turkey, Nigeria, Kenya, Argentina, Egypt, Korea, etc.